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Trimlight is a patented lighting system for any home or business. Trimlight Select is an amazing product that utilizes advanced RGB lighting technology to become the ultimate permanent Christmas lighting solution.  It gives you control and versatility for any holiday, special event, sporting event, or just day to day beautiful lighting. 


M-F: 8AM-5PM, Sat: 8AM-1PM, Sun: Closed


Trimlight is different than any other LED permanent lighting system. We install our patented channel that protects and hides the wires and electrical parts. No ugly plastic strips mounted to your home!

With a simple remote control or your smartphone, you can change your lights to any color combination that you desire. The lights in our 2 Strand system are spaced 6 inches apart, and allow you to control every other light in the channel to the color of your choice. The system can also be set to flash, automatically rotate through multiple colors, increase or decrease the speed and brightness, and more.

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