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Open Sesame

Garage Doors


At Open Sesame values the safety of your home investment and more importantly your family. Although automatic garage doors were once considered a luxury, today the price of residential garage doors is remarkably affordable.


When considering the installation of a new residential garage door, they believe the consumer should consider the following benefits when choosing a garage door from Open Sesame.

Security:  The residential garage door is perhaps the largest piece of machinery with encounters the most daily usage. It is the largest access to the interior of your home and perhaps is used more often than your front door. Whether you are gaining entry by remote control or by keypad, the garage door is your first line of defense! Let Open Sesame assist you in choosing a sturdy and reliable door to offer years of safety and security to your family.


Increase the value of your home:

The investment of a residential garage door will offer return on your investment when it comes to selling your property. 


Energy concerns:

The installation of a new residential garage door offers insulation which many outdated doors just don't provide. Let Open Sesame provide you with many options available to keep your home cooler and warmer in the summer and winter months.


The reduction of maintaining older garage doors:

Today's garage doors have come a long way and require little if no yearly maintenance. Let Open Sesame provide a simple spring tune up to ensure your door will operate smoothly throughout the entire year!


Open Sesame carries a wide variety of residential garage doors and is happy to assist you in determining the correct style, installation and security for your number one investment!  We provide expert advice and will hard to provide competitive pricing and work within your budget.

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