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Mission Demolition

Mission Demolition provides an alternative method of Dustless Tile Removal to the traditional messy removal methods. It is much cleaner, highly effective, and leaves your place looking, smelling and breathing brand new! 


Removing old tile flooring the traditional way is a very dirty, laborious, and unhealthy job. Most Contractors will spend hours just taping off rooms with plastic wrap in an effort to "minimize" the spread of dust from thinset removal. However, thinset dust is so fine that even with great effort, it will still get everywhere, covering your walls, and counters.


Besides just being a nuisance, the dust can get into your duct system and even wreak havoc in your electronic equipment like Televisions and Personal Computers. Most importantly, the dust is harmful to you and your pet's health, because it contains Crystalline Silica which can lead to the disease Silicosis.

Our specialized equipment and methods capture the dust at the source before it gets airborne. Mission Demolition's HEPA certified dustless tile removal system is Cleaner, Healthier and Faster than traditional methods.

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