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“If you can Dream it, We can Theme it!” The Gibson Twins, Rick and Vic with over 30 years experience, are considered Las Vegas’ leading Master Craftsmen and are licensed designers and builders of wood, metal and fabrication projects.


When they say they offer you your ultimate Dream Theme, THEY really do! Their own "Dreams" come to life in the creation of your idea. They are a 3-D themed room designers and builders for home, patio, office, convention booths and much more.  

Throughout their career they have designed creations for the entertainment industry with companies such as John Stuart Productions, creating stage and props for “Legends in Concert” and recently some very cool creative projects for Zappos in Downtown, Las Vegas. They’ve been seen on the History Channel “American Restoration” working behind the scenes for Rick Dale, and building facades and canopies for the amazing Fish tank creations for the Discovery Channel’s, Animal Planet “Tanked.” 

2912 S Highland Drive, #K

Las Vegas, NV 89109



M-F: 8AM-5PM; Sat: 10AM-5PM

Dream Theme

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While you’re sitting in your living room one day you look all around at the space that you’re renting. They often get asked if some of the themed spaces they do are removable. You bet ya! They make panels to fit space. 4’ panels work well in most spaces You’d be amazed at the build-out that you can take with you! Especially for people who rent an apartment, home or condo and can’t leave anything behind on the walls, etc. They really do create some great themes for renters. Wouldn’t you love a Gothic Room, Star Wars Room, MMA Room, Nascar Room or anything you can think of?  The list goes on! Yep! They can “Dream Theme” any space!

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